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How to Prepare a CD/DVD Master

July 8th, 2008

Preparing your master to send to your vendor is the most important step on the process. A master that is prepared incorrectly can cause delays and playability issues. Correctly prepping the master eliminates any problems that might cause delays. It is crucially important that you test the master in several other players other than one the player it was created on.

There are many brands of media to choose from. With so much low quality cheap media on the market, it’s easy to try and save a few cents and use the cheap stuff. Remember, the master is what your copies are going to be made from and low quality media might not produce the best result. It’s best to spend a few extra cents and buy higher quality media like Mitsui, Maxell, or Taiyo Yuden. The company performing the work for you should be able to recommend a quality brand for you to use for the master.

After you have completed the master, it’s important that you clearly mark it with either a label or marker that is approved for writing on the surface of a disc. Duplication houses work with many different customers that send master on a daily basis. It’s important your master is clearly marked to avoid a delay or worse some sort of mix up with another project.

Duplication houses will not test your master on various players. They instead will use a bit by bit verification system and test the copies to the master to assure that they are an exact copy of the master. This is why it’s important for you to test your master in several different players to assure it plays as expected. Don’t just test it in the system that you burned it on. In some older burners, they can produce a master that will only play well in the system it was created on. If you test it other systems, you will assure it has no playability issues.

Following the very basic steps of the producing your master will assure your project goes smoothly. Vendors want to complete your job on time and right so that you will refer more business to them and use them again when you need their services. Take a few extra moments to follow these steps and your project will get done much quicker.

Low Cost CD/DVD Publishing

June 26th, 2008

XLNT Idea Nexis 100AP

Introducing the XLNT Idea Nexis 100AP CD/DVD disc publishing system. Print and Burn up to 100 discs per session with easy hands-free unattended operation.

Fully Automated Robotic Operation
Integrated 4 color 4800dpi Inkjet Printer
Quiet High-Speed CD/DVD Burner
Uses Non-Proprietary Inkjet Cartridges
Full Featured DiscWorksâ„¢ Software
Attractive, Compact Desktop Unit
XLNT Idea Nexis Xi440

The XLNT Idea Xi440 is our lowest cost stand- alone CD/DVD printer designed for users requiring fast print performance. Easily print multiple discs with the easy load integrated tray.

Fast Print Speeds
Simple One Button Tray Load Mechanism
4 Color 4800dpi Inkjet Printer
Uses Non-Proprietary Inkjet Cartridges
Full Featured DiscStudioâ„¢ Design Software
Prints Discs in as Little as 18 Seconds

Call a Mediatechnics Sales Representative today 1-800-474-8996

DVD Duplicators

April 23rd, 2008

Companies from many different industries use DVD duplication equipment daily. They can use it for their own marketing promo material or if they are one of the many small duplication shops, they use it to produce duplicated media for their clients.

Most people think of a DVD burner as the drive that sits in your desktop PC. DVD duplication has advanced far beyond the single drive. Today’s industrial grade automated duplicators use robotic arms to pick up and place CDs or DVDs into a rows of burners that will mass produce duplicated discs. Production grade manual duplicators consists of tower configurations with up to 12 drives that require an operator to manually place and remove the discs from the burner trays as they open and close.

Automated is the preferred choice because you can load a spindle of discs and leave while the system duplicates your media. Automated systems use robotic arms to pick up and place the disc into the drive bays, and once duplicated removes them from the drive bays and places them on spindles. Good quality automated systems will remove bad media and place them on reject spindles.

Manual Duplicator systems are much more labor intensive. An operator needs be at the systems side at all times so that they can remove and load the media as it is duplicated.

Onward and Upward!

March 25th, 2008

Do to the incredible growth in the services area, the Duplication facility in New Jersey has just completed a move to a much larger facility.

Going into a production facility of over 5000 square feet has really allowed the duplication area to expand it’s production capability.

We can now rapidly produce many more discs and also offer a complete turnkey fulfillment service.

Duplication or Replication?

March 19th, 2008

A lot of times, we get asked that question.

The answer to that question depends on the situation but as a general rule of thumb, if you have 500 discs either CD or DVD and they  are the same master and artwork, then replication is probably the better choice providing you can wait the 7 to 10 days for them. You can get them faster, but there are rush fees involved.

If you need less than 500 discs, or have numerous masters and different art work for totals of less than 500 each, then duplication is the way to go. The product is top quality with hi-res digital printing on the disc and can be packaged and shrink-wrapped just as a replicated disc can with printed inserts. Because Mediatechnics manufactures our own automated duplication systems and have a recently moved into a larger duplication facility to house more production systems, we typically can turn duplication orders in a few days.

Silverado Financial Acquires Mediatechnics

February 26th, 2008

BEVERLY HILLS, CA, Feb 26, 2008 (MARKET WIRE via COMTEX) — SILVERADO FINANCIAL, INC. (PINKSHEETS: SLVO) is pleased to announce that it has acquired Media Technics Systems, Inc. (”MTS”) of Ione, California.

Read the Full Press Release Here

Looks Like the HD Blu-Ray Battle is Over

February 18th, 2008

It looks like Sony Corp’s Blu-ray technology is close to winning the format war. An anonymous source within  Toshiba said it was planning to exit its HD DVD business after Hollywood studios and big retailers such as Wal-Mart Stores Inc backed Blu-ray.

This is a good move and once official, the industry can move forward with one standard.

 Mediatechnics saw this coming and that is why they also backed the blu-ray format. Guess all those HD players that sold will make nice paper weights.

Mediatechnics To Be Acquired

February 14th, 2008

BEVERLY HILLS, CA, Feb 14, 2008 (MARKET WIRE via COMTEX) — SILVERADO FINANCIAL, INC. (PINKSHEETS: SLVO) is pleased to announce that it has signed a letter of intent to purchase MEDIA TECHNICS SYSTEMS, INC.

Silverado Financial recently announced its acquisition of Media Master Corporation (”MMC”), a spin-off of Media Technics Systems, Inc. (”MSI”). Today, Silverado is pleased to announce that it has signed a letter of intent to purchase MSI itself. MSI is an industry leader in the manufacture of CD, DVD, BLU-RAY and other optical disc duplication machinery and provides many other products and services to this important industry. MSI’s and MMC’s businesses are complementary and it is the intention of management to recombine these two distinct companies into a single operating unit. Last year, MSI’s sales exceeded $2 Million and MSI expects to increase that substantially this year through exciting new products and services currently in development and rapidly nearing deployment.

Read the Entire Press Release Here

HD Fires Back with Price Slashes

February 4th, 2008

Over the weekend, Toshiba moved to slash the price of its players in half. The Toshiba HD-A35, which has gotten good reviews in the hardware arena, is now affordable and a good deal. The only problem is, if HD loses the war, like it looks like is going to happen, you won’t be able to get discs to play on it and you will have a real nice paper weight.

Industry Analysts are becoming more vocal about  saying  that the HD DVD vs. Blu-ray battle may be over before the end of 2008, with rumors about electronic chains such as Circuit City relegating HD DVD players to clearance shelves.

Blu-Ray Shot Across the Bow

January 31st, 2008

The Blu-Ray / HD war continues with HD getting another blow from a big retailer. 

Woolworth’s has decided to pull its support for HD-DVD and will no longer stock videos that feature the  high-definition DVD format.

Woolworth’s, a U.K. based retailer made the decision based on the strength of sales of Blu-ray DVDs during the holiday shopping season. During that time, discs that used the Blu-Ray format outsold HD DVDs by a 10-to-1 margin.
It is believed the primary reason why Blu-ray outsold HD DVD is because Sony PlayStation 3 devices play Blu-ray discs.

Based on the sales figures, it clearly shows that the market is moving toward one format of high-definition DVD.

The war is not over yet, but it looks like it is coming to a close. The deciding factor will be how much money Toshiba is willing to bleed before they give up a losing battle.

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