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How to Prepare a CD/DVD Master

Tuesday, July 8th, 2008

Preparing your master to send to your vendor is the most important step on the process. A master that is prepared incorrectly can cause delays and playability issues. Correctly prepping the master eliminates any problems that might cause delays. It is crucially important that you test the master in several other players other than one the player it was created on.

There are many brands of media to choose from. With so much low quality cheap media on the market, it’s easy to try and save a few cents and use the cheap stuff. Remember, the master is what your copies are going to be made from and low quality media might not produce the best result. It’s best to spend a few extra cents and buy higher quality media like Mitsui, Maxell, or Taiyo Yuden. The company performing the work for you should be able to recommend a quality brand for you to use for the master.

After you have completed the master, it’s important that you clearly mark it with either a label or marker that is approved for writing on the surface of a disc. Duplication houses work with many different customers that send master on a daily basis. It’s important your master is clearly marked to avoid a delay or worse some sort of mix up with another project.

Duplication houses will not test your master on various players. They instead will use a bit by bit verification system and test the copies to the master to assure that they are an exact copy of the master. This is why it’s important for you to test your master in several different players to assure it plays as expected. Don’t just test it in the system that you burned it on. In some older burners, they can produce a master that will only play well in the system it was created on. If you test it other systems, you will assure it has no playability issues.

Following the very basic steps of the producing your master will assure your project goes smoothly. Vendors want to complete your job on time and right so that you will refer more business to them and use them again when you need their services. Take a few extra moments to follow these steps and your project will get done much quicker.

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