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If you are looking for a good DVD Duplication facility in the Boulder Colorado area, then think about using Mediatechnics. We are full service DVD Authoring and Duplication house and can take all your project materials and master it in a professionally produced DVD package. If you plan on doing a lot of DVD production runs in the Boulder Boulder Colorado area, in some instances, it might be more cost effective if you purchase your own duplication equipment. Mediatechnics is also one of the largest manufacturers of DVD Duplicators in the country and can provide you desktop solutions that rival full production house speeds and help you create your own duplication production facility..

If all you need is services, Mediatechnics has been delivering outstanding Duplication Services and Equipment throughout the country for the past 18 years. Before trying anybody else, give us a call at 1-800-474-8996 and let us show you what we can do for you! Or, fill out our quick no obligation Online Form .

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At Mediatechnics, our job is duplication. Whether it be services or manufacturing the duplicator machines, we know what we are doing and we get the job done.

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