When to Replicate

The decision to replicate can depend on many factors. The largest determining factor is the total quantity the job is going to consist of. A good rule of thumb is that most jobs of a thousand or more should be replicated if there is only one master.

Most replication pricing is based on quantities of the thousand or more so if you only need 500 you going to pay for a thousand.if you're a software development house, using duplication Will I you to change your master without having to incur the cost of replicating another thousand discs. Duplication allows you to duplicate his many as you need. with the advances in printing and disc for layering, duplicated discs can actually look cleaner and brighter than replicated discs.

The biggest advantage to replication is that the quality of the disc is more durable than a standard duplicated disc. Also, very large quantities can be replicated at an extremely low cost per disc.

You can use our Wizard Helper to figure out which is best for your project.

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