The technique of Mesotherapy was formulated in 1952, by Dr. Michel Pistor in France, and the procedure was recognized by the French National Academy of Medicine in 1986. Mesotherapy promotes the body's circulatory, lymphatic, and immune system to create a biological response and reverse abnormal physiology.

These Mesotherapy DVD's are the most expensive production and professionally edited, in studio ever to exist. They were produced with a professional film crew, lighting, sound and offer active menu tabs for ease of viewing and optimal learning.

These DVD's offered cover Sports Injury and Pain Management, Aesthetics, and General Medicine.
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Only qualified practitioners who have undergone Mesotherapy training certification are recognized by the International Society of Mesotherapy.

Rx Management ( produces the only Mesotherapy training DVD courses that are recognized in the United States by the International Society of Mesotherapy.





mesotherapy 3 DVD set