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fusion x

Looking for a quick LOW cost portable, reliable easy to use duplication system.
Check out the FusionX (Only $795.00)

With the cost of blank CD's at an all time low, duplicating your own projects with an automated system has never been more cost effective!

We have a system that will fit your need.

Mediatechnics offers the finest CDr duplication publishing equipment in the industry. With the release of our highly acclaimed Fusion line of equipment, you can now have true advanced CD publishing abilities in house.
cd publishing systems

From Ink Jet printing to Thermal Printing, our systems deliver a powerful addition to your production arsenal. The finished product will rival replication quality outputs.

We have the CD manufacturing systems that will fit your needs and also fit your budget. Thanks to our Impact line of autoloaders, everyone can now have the throughput of a large production house. Contact us today to see how we can help you!

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