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Inside a Mediatechnics Autoloader

Welcome to the inside tour of our CD/DVD autoloading system. The following photos and descriptions are that of a system in various stages of production. Each system is built for the customer and are not pre-built or stocked on the shelf.
The Vacuum Block on the Pick Arm is what picks up the disc and consists of top quality sensor electronics. The suction cups consist of high grade rubberized material that have a long use duration.
The Column, utilizes a Vertical Servo Motor attached to the Pick Arm Cable to move the Pick Arm into position vertically.
The base of the Column has a Rotation Motor that works in tandem with an Electronic Tower Sensor. The sensor tells the Column where to stop on the movement path.
The base of the Autoloader houses a 40GB Hard Drive, Power Supply, Vacuum Pump, and Firmware Controller for efficient autoloader operation.
After completion of the assembly, each unit is rigorously "burned in" and tested to assure that all the components are functioning and operating at our high quality standards.
Once the CD or DVD autoloader system is completed and "burned in", it is packed in our specialized shipping boxes. These boxes were designed specifically for our systems and provide the maximum amount of protection during shipping.


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