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Duplication Autoloader

Duplication systems come in two types. Either automated or a manual with automated being the preferred choice of systems.

Automated is preferred choice because you can load discs and leave while the system duplicates your media. Automated systems use robotic arms to pick up and place the disc into the drive bays, and once duplicated removes them from the drive bays and places them on spindles. Good quality automated systems will remove bad media and place them on reject spindles.

Mediatechnics manufacturers quality automated and manual duplication systems. In some circumstances an automated system is just not needed and a manual system is the more economical choice.

You can view the inside of one of our old Impact systems by following this link: Inside an Autoloader.

The Mediatechnics autoloaders have also been integrated with the highest quality CD Ripping Software available. Check out our CD Ripping Equipment.

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