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DVD CD Ripping Station

Fusion Rip is a one of a kind software/hardware solution designed to assist you in offering a CD Ripping Service to your customers.

Encode Center 2.0™ by Get Digital Data™ is the first ever software solution available designed to assist you in providing a CD Ripping service to your customers. Engineered by the inventors of the CD ripping service, Encode Center 2.0 is a full service application that provides solutions for every aspect of CD ripping. Now anyone can offer the extremely profitable CD ripping service to their customers using a proven solution designed by the industry experts.

Combining the GD3 powered Encode Center Software with the Fusion allows for fully automated Ripping and Duplication letting you offer a profitable professional CD ripping service to your customers.

Software Features:
  • CD Ripping/Encoding
    • MP3 encoder: 32kbps – 320kbps
    • FLAC
    • WAV
    • Variable bitrate support
    • Error detection and reporting
  • GD3 database support for ID3 tag consistency and accuracy
    • High Resolution Cover Art, Artist, Album, Tracks, Genre, Year, Publisher, Composer, Conductor, Compilation
    • Direct Get Digital Data licensing to the GD3 database.
  • Tag Editor
    • On-screen CD ripping log to visually verify every CD completed by an automated process
    • Review and qualify CDs to insure quality of delivered product
    • Easily modify CD data or add missing cover art
  • Index & Automated DVD burning
    • Create and print the highly valued Get Digital printed index of the customers CD collection including the cover art.
    • Create a complete DVD archive directly from the application utilizing automated DVD robotics and burning
  • Windows XP Professional, Service Pack 2 or Windows Vista
  • Windows .NET Framework 1.1
  • Broadband Internet connection

Equipment Features:

• 2 thru 4 Drives Available
• 250 thru 900 disk capacity
• Auto Detect Format
• Direct Copying
• Store 80GB of images
• No limit phone support
• 1 year robotics warranty / 1 year motherboard & writers
• Encode Center Ripping Software
• Includes 1000 CD Lookups from GD3
• Enhanced warranty plans available
• Ink or Thermal Print Support

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