Live Event Recording

Live Event Production / DVD on Demand

DVD on demand is increasingly becoming a popular buzz word. It basically means that a DVD is burned at the time the DVD is ordered eliminating the need to preorder large amounts or carry an inventory. Since replicating or pressing DVDs uses a different process that is not suited to on demand publishing, burning a DVD is a perfect solution.

Another form of DVD on Demand is Live Conference Production and Fulfillment. This consists of having an event televised or taped and then capturing the feed live so that it can be authored and sent to a bank of duplication machines that can output hundreds of copies literally within minutes of an event ending. This allows people attending that event to purchase what they just saw on DVD as they exit the event facilities.

Conference or event capturing is very popular with sporting events and marketing or business seminars. It allows the event promoters to capitalize further on the impulse buy of attendees as they leave the event.

Live Event capturing basically works in the following way:

1. If the event is being broadcast live, then the feed is captured in a mobile production booth out side the event. If the event is not being broad cast, then the event is captured with recording equipment in the facility and streamed to the production booth.

2. Depending on the event, the stream can be authored as it's being streamed so that on conclusion of the event, it can be finalized very quickly.

3. Within minutes of the events ending, banks of duplication systems are already duplicating the DVD of the event. In most cases, the blank discs are preprinted prior to the event and packaging is ready so that on completion of the duplication process, the disc can be packaged and ready for sale all within 10 minutes of the event ending.

Mediatechnics has a Conference DVD or Live Event service available.


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