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Corporate Conference DVD

Put your corporate conference or live event on DVD immediately following the presentation so the attendees can take the event home with them.

Live Event UnitOur state of the art equipment will capture the event, and within minutes of the events conclusion, be mass producing printed, authored and burned DVD's of that event. This is an excellent opportunity to maximize your events returns by allowing attendees to purchase the conference or event upon exiting the event facility.

To capitalize on post event impulse buying tendencies fans and corporate conference attendees often demonstrate, we utilize a large scale mobile production facility which is transported on site providing the technology to produce thousands of CD/DVD’s within a few minutes. Services are provided directly to the entertainment company controlling the recorded content with only a small commission collected for each unit produced.

All rights to the material remain with the entertainment entity at all times. The combination of Mediatechnics systems, the leader in DVD/CD duplication technology and the service elements of The Live Network will help to ensure the highest quality coporate conference or live event production and recording process. The Live Network has developed a series of key relationships with highly qualified production companies located throughout the United States and Canada ensuring an exceptional standard in sound and video recording quality is adhered to for each production.

In addition to the on site production elements, companies will be able to take advantage of a powerful online and mail order Mediatechnics fulfillment system. This allows artists to actually sale their products via the Internet through Mediatechnic's MediaShop DVD portal. Smaller artists that may not be able to provide guaranteed minimum orders can choose to offer a variation of the service which allows fans to purchase vouchers at the show and receive the disc in the mail only a few days later. Further, a digital download portal, offering music in “Mp3” format is also available as part of the service.

Since 2004, we have serviced hundreds of prestigious events including The New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival and Most recently, the 2006 National Finals Rodeo in Las Vegas. Fans were able to purchase a CD or DVD of each event within minutes of its conclusion. TLN and Mediatechnics have unlimited production capacity producing as many as 30,000 DVD's on site in less than 48 hours.

Live FulfillmentWe provide all the necessary materials to produce your next Corporate Conference or Live Event and put it to DVD that attendees leaving the event will be able to purchase it on the way out the door.

In addition to these unique on site technologies, post show order and fulfillment services are available which allow the organizer to continue to sell the product online. We also offer on site corporate conference DVD and CD instant production technologies, we have an array of services including full scale video production and sound recording. Our technology is particularly applicable at events such as corporate conferences, seminars and lectures; concerts, festivals and symphonies and special engagements such as collegiate or high school graduations, sporting events and award ceremonies.

If you would like to explore our Live Event Services for your next corporate conference DVD or live event, please fill out the contact form below or call us direct at 1-800-474-8996.

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