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Quick Start System Setup

1 • Unpack unit & accessories find level table to place system for ideal operating conditions. Do not place system around direct sunlight. Avoid physical contact with robotics arm due to alignment.
2 • Install drive cube, printer or tower stand using 10-32 screws. Notice with drive cube and printer there is 30 thousands of adjustability side to side front to back.
3 • Place spindles on 5 position locations. Notice 1st spindle ( spindle closest to drives or printer) has 30 thousands of adjustability due to being 1st point of reference, the other 4 spindles have exceptional play for alignment purposes.
4 • Turn power on( if you have an IP-8160 series turn on loader first then the tower in order to communicate. IP-6160-PT must have printer turned on in the duplication options and have power in order to communicate.
5 • Using key pad scroll down to set up menu (enter). Duplication options and speed setup can be optimized for production requirements.
6 • Scroll to Utilities menu, scroll to Loader Utilities ( Loader Utilities is an important feature to maintain system & to troubleshoot) scroll to calibrate arm will then go to home position. After large production run or system has not been in use the calibration function is a necessity for ideal alignment.
7 • Place CD on 1st spindle. Scroll to align drives, manually open drive or printer tray. Enter on key pad until CD is picked to tray. Robotics arm will place CD then hover over tray for alignment purposes if needed.
8 • Extended diagnosis found through Loader Utilities is self explanatory and gives the operator basic functions of the loader.
9 • Auto cycle found in Utilities is a simulated non-burn test run that will allow operator to see system operate in selected duplication mode.
  If you have any further questions, please contact Technical Support.
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