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DVD / CD Equipment

DVD Duplicators: (Duplicates BOTH CD's & DVD's)
CD Duplicators:

DVD DuplicatorsThe highly acclaimed line of FUSION Series Autoloaders and have been the solution of choice for highend and mid range duplication environments.

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CD DuplicatorsMediatechnics offers a full line of production copiers and desktop CD-R automated copier systems. Our Fusion series autoloaders are the perfect solution for CD-R duplication requirements.

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PC Based Systems:
Disc Analyzers:

PC Based SystemsMediatechnics now offers robust PC based Fusion systems designed to provide you with more duplication flexibility.

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Disc Analyzer
When the need to analyze your duplicated discs arrives, the small compact and extremely affordable ShuttlePlex Analyzer system will get the job done.

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Ripping Systems:
Rocket DVD:

PC Based SystemsRip thousands of CDs into popular digital music formats with ease or configure a
DVD Ripper and make digital movies

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Rocket DVD SystemFully automated DVD production center.
Automated the authoring and duplication of your DVD projects. Includes a Fusion Duplication system.

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No Print Systems:
Print Only Systems:

No Print SystemsThese new line of systems do not have the printer interface installed and allow us to offer them at a lower price point than standard systems.

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CD DuplicatorsIf you need a reliable print only station, the highly acclaimed Fusion robotics and electronics is available as a print only station.

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Disc Printers:

PrintersWe offer an affordable way to apply professional quality printing to the surface of your CDs in less than 15 seconds each.

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Truenet NetworkThe TrueNet network option for Mediatechnics autoloading CD and DVD duplication equipment was developed to simplify the duplication process of CD-R's and DVD-R's.

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CD/DVD Calculator

Mediatechnics is a leading direct manufacturer of CD and DVD Duplication equipment. We are the factory so there is no middle man to deal with when working with Mediatechnics. Our Sales staff will be able to help you determine what system would best fit your production needs and not break your production budget.
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