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Digital Preservation

Many companies have digital data that needs to have backups made or be preserved and archived for future use. Mediatechnics has launched a Digital Preservation package.

If your company has terabytes of information that needs to be archived to DVD disc you can utilize our solution to automate the archival process making it much more manageable.


Each system is tailored to your specific output needs. Utilizing our popular Fusion duplication systems and Disc Write software we developed a complete turnkey system that includes:

• 2 or 4 Drive Fusion Duplicator(s)
• Disc Write Software
• Integrated CD or DVD Disc Analyzer
• 250GB HD
• 17" Flat Panel LCD Monitor


The system is extremely easy to set up however we do offer a complete on-site install service for those companies that need it.

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Our CD DVD duplication services will get your projects done on time and on budget.
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