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DVD Production Equipment

DVD production equipment can be hard to source. There are so many companies reselling manufacturers equipment it
is really hard to know who your buying from.

There are several large distributors in the industry and this is all they are. A distribution center for the manufacturer. They
really have no allegiances to any one manufacturer and will sale you what makes them the most money. Why go through a middle
man and pay more instead of coming straight to the source. Be sure to ask whoever you dealing with if the product is their own.
Be careful of OEMs as well. They buy the product from a manufacturer and then put their name on it.

If they distribute our equipment, you can be assured that we have certified them as a qualified distributor and in many cases the prices are
the same. Our distributors always try to fit you to the best product for you and not what makes them the most money. We do have many qualified
distributors based throughout the world. In some instances, it makes since to use one of our distributors.

With Mediatechnics, our DVD production equipment is manufactured in house. We have our own sheet metal factory that
produces the actual casings and columns that we use in our systems. We put our systems together from scratch in our facility.
We control all aspects of our equipment and this shows in the quality of our product.

When your in the market for DVD production equipment, give us a chance and look at just how we can deliver a system that will
fit your needs and your budget. Our highly trained sales staff will help select the right system for you.

cd duplication equipment

Take a look at our DVD production equipment line. From two drive autoloaders a full blown 8 drive system with printing capability. We're certain we'll have a system for you.

Check out our DVD Production Equipment Systems here

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