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Ask Quantity- Yes will prompt you for a predetermined quantity of CD’s to Copy or Compare. No will start the operation immediately and will continue until the operation is manually stopped oNOTE: If Multi Image HD is enabled and there are CD Images present on the hard drive then operated with Multi Image HD set to NO, all the previous images may be lost

Check Blank Size- Will check to see

Warn Need 80 Min – Will warn that the CD image loaded exceeds 74 minutes of information and an 80 Minute CD-r is required.

Enable CD+G (Karaoke)- This option is only available when recorders capable of writing this format are installed. This will allow the copier to scan the additional R-W subcodes for the presence of CD+G data. In order to copy CD+G, this option must be set to YES.

Master Drive- Allows user to select which drive will be used to read the Master CD. Default is Drive 1. Use the Left or Right arrow key to select the desired drive

True RID- This option allows the user to select whether the drive will record an RID to the duplicated media. The RID can be read using the TrueRID scan function (see Utilities). This option will be set to YES by default. If you experience problems where older professional audio equipment displays the RID instead of ISRC codes, turn this option off. This feature is available only with TrueCopy recorders.

Printer- If optional printer is purchased then select the printer from the selection provided. If a printer is selected then the printer must be powered on upon powering up the system otherwise system may freeze. The system runs a check to verify that the printer is present

Print First- Choose whether the system will print the CD’s prior to burning or after

Last Char Name- Image naming feature, will display the last character chosen in the next space if yes is selected. If No then the charaters will start from the beginning of the Character Set.

Drive #- Allows you to turn on or off a particular drive


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