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Creating PRN files 5
A PRN file is essentially an output file created by the print driver loaded on the PC to be used by the Fusion to print CDs . This is not the same as saving a file with the application used to create the graphic desired to be placed on the CD. An understanding of the Windows filing system and configurations of drivers are needed to do the following
You will need the following:
• A PC with a CD-R drive
• Graphic Software supplied by the printer MFG. or other
• Print driver for the type of printer to be used loaded on the PC
• Printer connected to the Fusion
5.1 - Installing the Graphic Software
Please refer to the MFG documentation on how to install the software on your PC

5.2 - Installing the Print Driver
In order to create a proper PRN file to be used on the Fusion the print driver must be installed. The application supplied may have an installation wizard to do this process automatically. If not, the process is as follows.

• From the Start Menu, select Settings and Control Panel.

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