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5.4 – Printing to a PRN file
In order to create a PRN file you will need to go through the process of printing to a printer except a file will be created using the print driver designed for the particular printer to be used on the system. Please refer to the Mfg documentation on the use of the graphic design software used to design the label for the CD.

• After creating a label using the desired software, it is a good idea to save it for future reference so changes may be made to it in the future if necessary. A PRN file will not be able to be opened using the software being used. You will essentially have two files files of the same label. The file created by the software package being used (Rimage’s Bar Tender Software bundled with the Prism PR-13c is being used as an example) and the PRN file.

• Once the file is saved, the label can then be printed by going to File > Print on the menu bar, clicking in the printer icon on the toolbar (if available), or by pressing Ctrl + P .

• The Print dialog window will appear. Be sure that the correct printer is selected then click on the options tab.

• Click on Print to File

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