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1.1 - The Mediatechnics Fusion Thank you for purchasing Mediatechnics’s Fusion standalone autoloading CD duplicator. Your Fusion CD duplicator was professionally designed and manufactured to give you years of trouble free operation. To avoid accidental damage to your new CD duplicator, please read and understand this manual thoroughly before operating the unit.

1.2 - About This Manual This manual is written for both novice and experienced users. Please read through this Operator’s Guide from beginning to end before using the unit. Once having read the manual, follow along chapter by chapter. This will provide the necessary understanding of your new Fusion CD duplicator.

Getting Started

2.1 - Unpacking
Carefully remove the Fusion CD duplicator from the shipping container. Inspect the contents and verify them against the packing slip. Report any errors in shipping as soon as possible.

CAUTION: When removing the unit from the container, do NOT pick the unit up by the Picker arm column.
Lift the unit by the bottom with the provided hand holds in the base of the foam packaging

What’s In the Box Your Fusion is a completely standalone CD duplicator containing all necessary components.
The package includes: • Fusion standalone CD duplicator • Power cord • Firmware CD • Operator’s Guide Optional: • CD Thermal or Inkjet Printer • Printer Support bracket • Replacement Printer Ribbon • CD-R Media

2.2 - Packing Materials
Please retain the original box and packaging in the event that the unit requires future servicing. This will help to reduce the possibility of damage occurring in transit. Damage due to the improper packing of equipment will be the sole responsibility of the customer.

2.3 - The Best Place to Put the Fusion
The best operating location for the Fusion CD duplicator is in a climate controlled area, free of: dirt, dust, humidity, excessive heat, and electronic or electromagnetic interference.
Place the Fusion on a solid, steady work surface, and allow sufficient room for all incidental work materials.
Provide at least six inches of clearance on all sides of the unit for ventilation.

2.4 - Safety Precautions
The system is shipped with a three-prong power connector, and must be used with a properly grounded AC receptacle.
DO NOT try to defeat the third “ground” prong.
All computer peripherals must be properly grounded, and the Fusion CD Duplicator is no exception.
The use of a power conditioner, such as an Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) or a surge protector, is highly recommended.
The minimum required size is 400VA.
Repairs or alterations should only be attempted by authorized, factory-trained technicians.
Mediatechnics reserves the right to void the warranty if unauthorized service is performed.

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