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Quick Start 6

Quick Start
The Fusion is a state-of-the-art CD duplicator. It is designed to copy and verify most standard compact disc formats. This Quick Start section will guide you through copying discs using the Batch Mode method. More advanced topics, such as copying by making use of a hard disk drive image, will be covered later in this guide.

6.1 - Making Copies (Batch Mode)
The quickest and simplest way of duplicating one or more discs is to use the Fusion’s Batch Mode copying feature. Batch Mode functions by placing the number of blank discs to be written to, in one of the three input bins, starting by filling BIN 1 first. These discs are followed by the original CD to be copied (master disc), placed on top of the blank discs. The Fusion then loads the master disc into the top recorder, and creates an image of it on the internal hard disk drive. It will then unload the master disc onto the output spindle, and continues to load and copy to as many blank discs as are in the input bin(s). Multiple masters can also be mixed with blank discs in the input bin, so numerous jobs can automatically be performed in sequence.





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