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Fusion CD/DVD Duplicator Tour


The new Fusion 2 or 4 drive systems from Mediatechnics now combines the ability to integrate a Thermal or Ink Jet printer at a lower price point than other comparable systems.

The systems can be integrated with a Rimage thermal printer or a Signature Pro Ink Jet printer. This allow you the ability to print an outstanding crisp quality image on to the face of your finished disc.

The Fusion series utilizes the new robotics and electronics that were recently acquired with the purchase of Fortuna Systems Inc. These components have been researched and developed over the last few years and provide an outstanding duplication technology that is as good as the most expensive system on the market.

Quieter operation, ease of use and the use of hi-tech stepping motors make these a high end production system at a low end cost.

With the Fusion systems, depending on the unit you can have either 125 or 600 blank discs loaded for hands free operation.

The real draw of this system is the price point. You can now have a fully automated CD or DVD production system starting at under $3500.00

Check out these new systems and let us help you get your production goals met!


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