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Shuttle Plex Media Analyzer Manual 25

Saving, Exporting and Record Log Files


Files may be manually saved by using the Alt S key, highlighting and clicking on the save button, or using the save/save as commands under the file menu. Files are saved in a *.dap format representing the ShuttlePlex binary file structure.

File data may be exported for use in a spreadsheet or database program by using the Alt E key, highlighting and clicking on the Export button, or using the export command under the file menu. Files are exported to the path chosen in the test analysis setup menu. Files are saved in the *.CSV format.

Test results may be manually printed by using the print function under the file menu…Clicking on the print button will also print a report. By moving the mouse over the arrow key to the right of the print button you may chose between a page printout and a print project printout. Using the CLIP functions, which will take any information area page and save it to system memory as a bitmapped image, can create customized reports and e-mail.

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