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CD & DVD Replication and Duplication Templates

These are the various templates used in replicating or duplication CD and DVD disc. If the template your looking for is not here, contact:

If you have any questions as to whether or not your project is Duplication or Replication, contact your Sales Rep.

If you need help with the templates, please email the Art address above.

Right click and save the target file to a designated folder on your computer. If you just click the link and have Adobe Acrobat on your system, it may try to open the file even if it's not a PDF.

Note: For replication projects, we need the native file designed to one of the templates below. If we have to manipulate an image and place it into the template for you, there will be a $75.00 per hour art charge. This includes setting a Photoshop file into a template for you if it is not spaced correctly. You can send a Photoshop file as long as it is correctly spaced to the template. (The following are the only acceptable file types for replication: Illustrator, Photoshop, Press Quality PDF, EPS, In Design, Quark and Hi Res Images preferred Tiff or PNG as long as the image output is to template spec.)

FONTS: When using fonts in your artwork that are not standard on all systems, you need to either outline all the text in the native file or provide the font with the art files.

If you do not have the ability to output the files as one of the above, for example all you have is Nero, CD Designer, etc... then let your sales rep know that so you can be quoted for converting those files to an acceptable type. You will need to provide the raw images along with any fonts that are not standard.

Duplication Customers: If your using a MAC, please output your art as a Hi-Res PDF. Also, do not knockout the hub on your art in the template and remember to turn off the template lines before exporting the PDF. Use the marks as registration marks only.

ART TIP: Keep the images and text on separate layers. That way, if text has to be moved, it can done so easily. If you have it on the same layer as an image and the layer has been merged, then it is not possible to move the text. Always use layers and do not merge them!!

CD Templates:
EPS File
Illustrator (CS)
In-Design (CS2)
Quark 6.0
PDF File
CD Disc Duplication    
CD Disc Replication    
Tray Card / Back Liner  
2 Panel Front Insert  
4 Panel Front Insert  
8 Panel Front Insert  

DVD Templates :
EPS File
In-Design (CS2)
Quark 6.0
PDF File
DVD Disc Duplication      
DVD Disc Replication      
DVD Case Wrap (Entrapment)  
DVD 2 Panel Insert  
DVD 4 Panel Insert  

Wallets & Sleeves:
EPS File
In-Design (CS2)
Quark 6.0
PDF File
Single Pocket Sleeve  
Single Pocket Mailer  
Single Wallet          
Double Wallet            


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