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CD Video Authoring and Encoding

Since we are strategically located in Northern California near Sacramento, we can service clients all over the world.

Our capabilities allow us to offer you a complete line of CD Authoring and Encoding systems.!

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CD Authoring and Encoding

Our experienced team of processionals can take your information and prepare and present it on Compact Disc media for distribution.

CD's can hold 700 megabytes of data - the equivalent of almost 500 floppy discs. And because every computer sold today (and for the last 3 or 4 years) comes with a cd player, you are assured that users will be able to access your data.

CD authoring is so much more than owning a cd writer. We ensure that your data can be read on all machines, all cd players and all operating systems: including the various flavors of Windows, Macintosh, and Unix.

We can also design eye-catching inserts and cd-cover art, including art that is printed right onto the CD itself! From authoring, to designing, to inserting the CD's into jewel trays, shrink-wrapping and shipping, Mediatechnics can take care of it for you.

Why Video CD authoring?

MiniDV and hooking up our camcorders to VCRs and televisions
Streaming files over the Internet


The benefit of outputting to VHS is that almost everyone has a VCR. If you have the proper hardware in your computer then you can output to a VHS tape. But that hardware often is not the same hardware that can capture from your DV camcorder. So, after you get all the appropriate equipment set up and working, then the final result (the VHS tape) is sent to your friend or associate. But we all know that the quality and lifespan of VHS is not meant to last. Also, VHS tapes are a sizable cassette, about as big as any day-planner.


Next we have the MiniDV or D8 cassette that your DV camcorder holds. This is a better quality solution when you are showing off your project, but you often have to use the same camcorder as your playing deck. Repeated use of your camcorder as a tape deck can wear out the heads from all the REW and FF shuttling.

Streaming Formats

Another solution to share your videos is to convert your videos to a streaming format or at least to compress them into a manageable size. Then you can share over the Internet. This is great for Internet applications, but the quality of both video and audio is substantially lost in the compression process, and you are left with something that is very terrible to show to your audience on a television.


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