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CD Duplication Systems

Mediatechnics CD/DVD manufacturing equipment provides hard-hitting performance at lightweight prices. Cost effective scalable design allows you to configure a manufacturing system specifically to meet your present needs. As your needs change, the Mediatechnics equipment can be upgraded keeping your initial investment intact.

The FUSIONX personal duplication system by Mediatechnics, is a versatile, portable, reliable easy to use duplication system.

View Fusion X

Fusion X

Fusion 2

Our newly released Fusion 252 utilizes state of the art robotics with stepping motors to produce a virtually noiseless duplication systems. Integrates with either a Thermal or Ink Jet Printer.

View Fusion 252

The Fusion 452 is a standalone system built on a monolithic chassis and utilizing our new loader Integrates with either a Thermal or Ink Jet Printer.

View Fusion 452

Fusion 452 Duplicator

Fusion 3 DVD
The Fusion 652 provides two more drives of pure Fusion power. This system is great for large demand duplication needs.

View Fusion 652

Our PC based systems allow for more versatile duplication tasks and come at a lower price point than the standalone units.

View Fusion PC
Fusion PC

Manual CD

Our Manual systems are provide an economical, table top, high volume solution for manual duplication needs.

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We have the CD/DVD manufacturing systems that will fit your needs and also fit your budget. Thanks to our Impact line of autoloaders, everyone can now have the throughput of a large production house.

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