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CD/DVD Duplicator Systems

With Mediatechnics CD/DVD Duplicator systems, Ultrahigh throughput is achieved with the use of our basic Fusion design. These standalone duplicators offer the ability to max your production speeds by putting the 600 disc capacity to full use and duplicating either CD or DVD media on one system.

Fusion 252NP utilizes state of the art robotics with stepping motors to produce a virtually noiseless duplication systems.

View the Fusion 252NP

Fusion No Print

Fusion 4 CD No Print

The Fusion 452NP is a standalone system built on a monolithic chassis and utilizing our new loader

View the Fusion 452NP

The Fusion 652NP provides two more drives of pure Fusion power. This system is great for large demand duplication needs.

View the Fusion 652NP

Fusion 6 CD No Print

All of our duplicators are made from quality material and electronics. You will get many years of service from these systems. For the ability to produce professional looking projects, give one of our duplicators a try.

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