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DVD Authoring and DVD Encoding services can all be found here at Mediatechnics. Since we are strategically located in Northern California near Sacramento, we can service clients all over the world!

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DVD Video Authoring and Encoding Capabilities

We offer MPEG2 video encoding. A complex DVD project can entail up to 99 movie tracks, 9 camera angles and up to 99 chapter points. We support both NTSC and PAL video formats and aspect ratios of TV mode or Movie theatre style. We support Dolby digital 2-channel, Dolby digital 5.1 surround, PCM, MPEG1 layer 2 audio encoding.


User-defined navigation: we can program your DVD to have a customized navigation scheme.

Menu: we bring an artistic touch to still or timed-motion menus with optional audio.

Hot buttons allow a viewer to jump to particularly exciting/climactic scene of the DVD-Video feature.

Multiple audio tracks: You can have up to 8 audio tracks for each video track.

Multiple camera views: allows different views of scene to be selected during playback.

Parental lock: management feature restricts playback using on-screen settings when multiple versions of a movie or game are included on a single disc.

Multiple endings: use multi-story branching (not always seamless) for a director's cut or special edition version.

Subtitles: added as simple text or imported as scripted video stream, 32 subtitles streams are available.


Post-production/editing refers to our ability to literally "cut" & "paste" pieces of audio & video and assemble them according to your instructions and make them play seamlessly by either adding transitions, effects etc.

Slide show: we can scan photos & 35mm slides or simply take your graphic images and link them into a slide show using cool transitions, time delays, or "previous" and "next" buttons. Audio optional.

Slide show is also used to illustrate an actor's, director's, or producer's work history and upcoming projects.

Contact Info: displays the contact information for people involved in DVD production. Audio and motion optional.

Trailer:a preview of upcoming films.

Bloopers: funny out-takes.

Web Enabled DVD: has www hyperlinks that can be accessed directly from a DVD provided you have an active Internet connection.

Macrovision Copy Protection: protects your DVD from copying to VHS. Consult our sales department about adding MCP to your DVD.
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