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Fusion 852 CD Duplicator

This professional CD duplicator system uses advanced robotics and stepping motors to give a smooth quite operation and this standalone duplicator unit will compete with any of the higher priced competitor duplicators on the market delivering more value for your investment. The DVD version of this system is the Fusion 8DVD .

Fusion 852 feature set includes:
• Network option available
• 8-52x Plextor CD-r Writers
• 900 disk capacity
• Auto Detect Format
• Direct Copying
• Store 80GB of images
• No limit phone support
• 3 year robotics warranty / 1 year motherboard & writers
• Enhanced warranty plans available

27" x 26 " x 28" (width - height- depth)
Weight: 66 lbs
Power consumption: 115 Watts

Disk capacity: 900 CD-R's
Write Drive Options: One thru eight 52x recorders
Configuration: Standalone or Network Option

Standard warranty: 1 year robotics warranty / 1 year motherboard & writers (Major repairs done at the factory)
Enhanced warranty's are available

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