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TrueNet Network Option

The TrueNet network option for Mediatechnics autoloading CD and DVD duplication equipment was developed to simplify the duplication process of CD-R's and DVD-R's. Master image management and job queuing are two of the most useful features. The Enterprise version of the option allows the user to actually produce unique CD's automatically. The TrueNet option brings real parallel job functionality to the previously standalone loader. Several jobs can be run simultaneously on the TrueNet system allowing the hardware to work with the program to fully utilize the capacity of the duplication unit.

The TrueNet application will run on most standard Microsoft platforms including Windows 98, NT, 2000. Network type is TCP/IP using Ethernet 10/100 Mbit. Subnets can be accommodated by setting default gateway address on the autoloader device.

TrueNet Pro is the basic system; which includes the following capabilities:

Duplicator image management
Duplicator job management and queue
Job setup including copy, compare, print
ISO 9660 Mode 1 or .rqi images
Control multiple duplicators

TrueNet Enterprise adds the following to the basic system:

ISO9660 image creation, on - the - fly
Unique disc production management
Multiple control locations
API interface for true custom applications

The API files included with the Enterprise version allows a user complete flexibility to control each of the TrueNet functions from their custom application.

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