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Nexis Pro CD/DVD Publisher

The Nexis Pro DVD / CD Publisher is the newest fully automated Robotic Burn and Print disc creation solution by XLNT Idea, Inc. Designed for organizations with higher throughput needs the Nexis Pro features two fast DVD / CVD R optical drives and true high quality 4800 dpi six color printing capability. Nexis Pro offers the most efficient disc production system with the lowest cost of ownership currently available. Based on XLNT Idea’s superior pick and place desktop robotic design the Nexis Pro claims average disc throughput of over 50 CD’s or 20 DVD’s per hour at “Best” quality print settings. The Nexis Pro is also bundled with XLNT Idea’s full featured and intuitive DiscDirect™ disc burning software and DiscStudio™ our easy to use label creation software with over 2 gigabytes of background images, clipart and fonts included. Nexis

Using low cost ink cartridge consumables the Nexis Pro dramatically reduces long term cost of ownership and results in the Lowest Print Cost per Disc vs. all other multi drive systems. In addition, the Nexis Pro provides up to 100 disc capacity with available adapter kit and supports all standard ink jet printable media, including Watershield, Waterguard, and Aquashield waterproof and other smear proof DVD / CD media.


* Two DVD / CD-R drive system for high throughput, maximum disc yield

* True Six Color Printing using the latest award winning Lexmark printer core

* 4X burn and print speed vs competitive systems

* Low Cost Ink Cartridges resulting in Lowest Cost Per Disc to Print at “Best” quality

* Fastest Burn and Print Mid Range Solution available today at an Economical Price Point

* Fully independent robotic disc transport mechanism

* Natural Pick™ and Autocal™ features prevent mis-picks and provide automatic robotics calibration

* Powerful and Intuitive Label Creation and Disc Burning Software by XLNT Idea, Inc.

* USB 2.0 Connectivity

* Up to 100 disc capacity


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