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Nexis 100AP CD/DVD Publisher

In an effort to satisfy all our customers needs, we are an authorized reseller of the Nexis 100AP CD/DVD Publisher. This is a compact printing and publishing system priced for any companies budget.


Product Description:

The Nexis 100AP makes auto printing easy. With the included Disc Studio™ Labeling software you simply send a print job and the Nexis 100AP will automatically insert a CD/DVD/BD for printing. No additonal software required. You can also use your favorite labeling program.

The NEXIS 100AP also uses low cost non-proprietary inkjet cartridges available at virtually any office products store. Making the cost per finished disc lower than the competition. This provides the end user with the most cost effective solution but best of all no more worrying about running out of ink.

The NEXIS 100AP is perfect for the duplication of amateur or commercial CD/ DVD/BD, software and music titles as well as time-critical applications such as data distribution, digital photo processing, service bureaus and kiosks.

In standardized testing, NEXIS 100AP burns up to 50 discs per hour making it faster than most other models. The secret is our independently mounted disc transport robotics. With the ability to move disc's while printing the NEXIS 100AP achieves the highest throughput with fewer drives.

100 Disc Capacity
The Nexis 100AP comes standard with 50 disc hoppers. However you can easily double your per session disc capacity with the available 100 Disc Capacity adapter.

Media Options
The Nexis 100AP not only prints on standard 120mm disc but can also print on a wide variety of disc media such as business card discs. Optional adapter kit required. Expand your media choices!

Other Features:
• 4 colors for photo quality prints
• 4800 DPI resolution
• Plextor Drive
• 1 USB Connection
• Simple one button tray load mechanism
• Disc prints cost less than labels
• Up to 100 disc per session
• Non-proprietary inkcarts
• Easy to use software
• 1 Year Warranty
Product Brochure

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