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CD & DVD Automated Print Stations

If you need a production solution to printing all your CD or DVD projects, then the Fusion Printer stations are just what you need.

The Fusion Printer stations use the reliable robotics of the Fusion system to automatically print CD or DVD discs with a Ink Jet or Thermal printer. They can be configured with the printer that best fits your needs.

Fusion 125 Print Station

The Fusion 125P is perfect for smaller runs of print projects. Utilizing a 125 disc capacity, it will print with either a Ink Jet or Thermal printer.

View Fusion 125P Print Station

The Fusion 600P gives you a capacity of 600 discs for those larger projects. Configured to run with either a Ink Jet or Thermal printer, this system delivers a powerful punch to your production arsenal.

View Fusion 600P

Fusion 600 Print Station

IP 600 Print Station
With the IP6000P, Ultrahigh thermal printing throughput can now be achieved.

View IP 600

We have the CD/DVD printing systems that will fit your needs and also fit your budget. Thanks to our Fusion line of autoloaders, everyone can now have the throughput of a large production house.

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