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Automated DVD Authoring System / Rocket DVD

RocketDVD virtually takes the human element out of the DVD production process. With the intuitive user interface, users can setup and launch a DVD authoring and production job in a matter of minutes.

Once the job is launched RocketDVD performs all the necessary tasks to create the DVD including; Capturing and Encoding the video, creating a comprehensive menu (from your custom menu theme selection), creating an optional custom disc label, prints an optional custom DVD case wrap, and prints your DVD insert for chapter selections.

In addition, you can direct the RocketDVD system to create a physical DVD on a local DVD writer or send the DVD job to a variety of Automated DVD Duplicators for final production.

Rocket DVD

Standard Features & Benefits:
RocketDVD Professional has been designed with many advanced features and benefits that greatly simplify and enhance DVD Creation and Production. Some of the standard Features and Benefits included are:

· Fully Automated DVD Creation & Production
· Point & Click User Interface
· Custom Variable Text Insertion
· Real-time Video & Audio Capture
· Dolby AC3 Audio Encoding
· Segment Encoding
· Automatic Job Archival
· DVD Authoring Selections
· Custom Chapter Selections

M inimum Hardware Requirements:

• Windows XP Based computer with
3.0 GHz or greater CPU with hyper threading
800 MHz or greater bus speed
• 1 GB RAM
• 2 Hard Drives
• DVD+R writer

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