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Screen Printing Services


Screen Printing Services:

Multi-color printing:
solids, halftones and process
Color matching
Precision automated screen printing
Conventional and ultraviolet inks
Long and short runs
Up to 48" x 96" spot color printing
Up to 45" x 68" process color printing

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Screen Printing
Absolute has the technical expertise to print your product at the highest quality standards. We can screen print your parts with single-color or process color printing, from stock color to custom PMS matching. Our in-house graphics department will work with you to get the best out of your existing artwork or develop it with you.

Materials suitable for screen printing include:
• Steel
• Aluminum
• Die Cast
• Plastics, PVC
• Glass
• Wood
• Painted Surfaces
• Powder Coated Surfaces
• Laminated Surfaces
• Styrene
• Anodized Material
• Paperboard

Common industrial screen printing applications include:
• Plastic Containers
• Glass Containers
• Electronics Parts
• Automotive Parts
• Adhesive Labels
• Bottles, Glasses, Mugs
• Toys and Hobby Parts
• Promotional Products
• Medical Products
• Industrial Parts
• CD and DVD
• USB Sticks

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