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October 8, 2003

Fusion Duplicator Takes Off


Sutter Creek, CA –June 25, 2004

Mediatechnics Systems, Inc. Fusion Duplication systems have taken the world by storm. These systems are being called “the most reliable” CD/DVD duplication system ever made.

Customers are commenting that the robotics action of these systems are the smoothest they have ever seen. At a recent trade show in Las Vegas, an off the shelf Fusion system ran continually for the length of the show with out a single jam.

The current configuration of the system allows for either a thermal or inkjet printer and works as a standalone or networked system. Within 60 days, the new PC only version of the Fusion will be launched which will allow the system to be sold at an even lower price.

According to Rick Wilson, President at Mediatechnics, "The Fusion systems have been years in the making and have been well worth the wait. They will lead Mediatechnics into the future and help them maintain our position as one of the best manufactures of CD or DVD duplication equipment!".


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