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Used CD Analyzer

Like new used CD 2000 Analyzer - $2500.00 / New Cost is $5000.00

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cda 2000
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CDA 2000

Designed specifically for molded CD high-speed playability testing and the CD-R Duplication market. This used CD analyzer provides digital error testing, Error Mapping, "byte to byte" disc or image comparison for audio and data discs, and user selectable testing speeds up to 24X (CAV).

The CDA 2000 tester is a completely self-contained desktop system. It comes complete with a high-speed computer, large capacity hard drive, 15" flat screen color monitor, printer port, and an extensive Windows NT-based software package with graphs, reports and data export capabilities.

The CDA 2000 CD analyzer should be used by anyone producing or out sourcing CD duplication or replication to verify finished product quality.

System Measurements
The system measures BLER, BRST and UNCR errors as well as E11, E21, E31, E12, E22, E32 and also for CD-ROM: L-ECC recoverables, CIRC unrecoverables, and L-ECC unrecoverables(Mode 1). Error types are displayed in both 1 & 10 second
running averages.

VTOC Information
Track Information:

Q Mode 1 - Control bits, # channels, Pre-emphasis, Copybit, Data/Music
Q Mode 2 - UPC/EAN code
Q Mode 3 - International Standard Recoding Code
Q Mode 5 - Session Information (Closed sessions only)

Additional Analyzer Measurements
Sector Information:
Disc Mode and Form
Volume Descriptor Information
Linking Block Detection
Transfer Rate Graph
Subcode To Header Skew

Full Subcode Analysis:

CRC Error Count
Track Indexes
Pause Areas
Track Starts

CD-ROM Specific Measurements:
Postgap Verification

CD Analyzer Software:
The software tester features an easy-to- use graphical user interface and presents data in a format similar to CDA’s Advanced Measurement CD product line.
Full CD-ROM file organization and directory structure display.
Color coded raw sector data in Hexadecimal and ASCII-II.
"Byte-to-Byte" image comparison for both data and audio discs.
Speed selectable: Up to 24X speeds.

Disc positions selectable for display in disc time, track time, and logical sector formats.
ISO 9660 specification verification.

Color graphs for all error measurements.

Reliable Windows NT-based user interface.

User can create customized screen and print layouts.
Hi-Resolution BLER mapping.

CD-ROM file structure explorer.

Disc Type Information:
PSEC and Control Bits
CD, CD-R, CD-RW, CD-DA, CD-ROM, CD-ROM XA, CD-I, Mixed Mode, Enhanced CD
CD Bootability (El Torito Specification)
Format Extension Detection (Joliet Specification)
Volume Descriptor Information

Easy To Use
The CDA 3000 CD analyzer arrives fully prepared for immediate operation. It is so easy to set up that testing can start in minutes. Operators can use the system to default settings to run simple, fast, pass-fail testing. Logical screen menus and buttons are quick to learn and intuitive to operate.

This system is like new and is being sold for $2500.00 / New Cost is $5000.00 / Submit Interest

Quality Used CD Analyzer
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