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Thin clients from Visara give you the option to choose the best and most appropriate hardwaresolutions for your business. Whether you’re looking for green screen replacement options ormore affordable PC replacements, Visara can provide a solution to fit your needs.Thin Client technology from Visara provides you with significant cost reductions in many areas– from the up front cost of the hardware itself to continual savings on support staff time, usertraining, application deployment, and maintenance costs. With Thin Clients, you eliminate theneed for hardware upgrades that are common with PCs. The benefits of substantial costreductions, tighter security and centralized desktop management with thin client solutions aresignificant.icebluVisara’s iceblu line of thin client devices are the entry-level thin client solutions designed toreplace mainframe “green screens,” client-server fixed-function terminals and desktop PCs thatdo not require all the features and functionality of the PC. Models included in this product lineinclude the 300 (CE or LX) and the 400 (CE or LX).

The iceblu product series incorporates state of the art processor technology with a powerfulresident application package, which includes a Windows®CE or Linux operating system with aresident Microsoft® Internet Explorer® or NetScape web browser, respectively. Other programsincluded are RDP and ICA® clients, resident host emulations, and application viewers. Thispowerful package provides seamless support of Windows-based applications and connectionsto the Internet and intranets.

The iceblu300 is a simple terminal for those who need a completely centralized desktopmanagement option that is simple to install, configure, use, and manage. It is ideally suited fordeployment in a LAN environment that utilizes a standard suite of office productivityapplications, email, Internet/intranet browsing, and network-based peripherals. The iceblu300has a “desk friendly” small footprint that can also be mounted easily on the wall or under thedesk.

The iceblu400 provides tremendous network flexibility. Offering 10/100BaseT Ethernet support,the iceblu400 generates high speed desktop connections and is ideal for loading andexecuting many applications, such as web browsers and terminal emulators, via its Windows®CE or Linux operating system. The enhanced Dial-Up Client provides a one-step operationwhen using a modem to login to remote hosts via RAS or ISP. The iceblu400 supportsconcurrent Windows® sessions, increasing productivity and efficiency.

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