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DVD CD Duplication California

CD duplication in our plant is done in Sutter Creek, California and gives us the opportunity to serve the entire state of California with ease. We have many Fortune 500 companies that use our services on a regular basis.

Mediatechnics started out in Chicago then moved to AZ and a few years ago finally came to rest in Shingle Springs California. We then expanded our facilities to Include a manufacturing plant in Santa Cruz and a Sales office in Sutter Creek. We've been in the duplication business since 1988 and have long been considered an industry leader.

Since we manufacture our own automated CD duplicators, we have the capacity to duplicate any amount needed for a job. Our duplicators are state of the art and incorporate thermal or inkjet printing to the disc should your project require it. When you need any type of CD duplication, we can help you get the job done at an affordable price.

If your looking for duplication services, check out our duplication area here: CD/DVD Duplication

If you conduct a lot of duplication jobs, you might look into purchasing one of our affordable automated duplication systems. Check out our duplication systems here: CD/DVD Duplication Equipment

No matter what your need is, Mediatechnics can get the job done!

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