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CD / DVD Replication Services

cd 1Mediatechnics offers a complete line of CD DVD replication services and distribution service including pre-mastering and verification, mastering, CD One Offs(CD-Rs), label printing, printing for manuals & booklets, packaging and fulfillment.

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Replication Services Available:

cd 2DVD-Video authoring and premastering, including video & audio encoding, graphics creation & editing, subtitles, menus, navigation, title proofing and transfer to DLT or DVD-R "authoring" or Portable USB Hard Drive.

Mediatechnics alos offers a range of DVD & HD-DVD Replication services for DVD:
Glass mastering of DVD-ROM, DVD-Video, and/or DVD-Audio from your source data
on DLT or DVD-R, with optional copy protection where appropriate.

• DVD-5 (4.7 GB single sided)
• DVD-9 (8.5 GB, dual layer)
• DVD-10 (9.4 GB double sided)
• HD-DVD-15 (15 GB single layer)
• HD-DVD-30 ( 30 GB dual layer)
• 80mm (Mini) Disc DVD's & HD-DVD's

All discs are inspected for defects and measurements taken from samples to ensure that the highest quality standards are maintained. The first discs replicated are bit-for-bit tested with the original and also inserted into several DVD players and drives to test functionality.

DVD & HD-DVD Replication Label printing:
Every replication disc comes with up to 5 colors using high quality silk-screen printers or Offset printing. UV cured inks allows a high quality, durable label to be added to any DVD Replication. Artwork for disc labels can be created or modified at Mediatechnics using Macintosh or PC software packages.

When you only have one project to complete or investing in a CD or DVD copier is not in your budget, then our CD DVD replication service will get the job done fast and professional.

Discs Replicated to Date

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Our CD DVD duplication services will get your projects done on time and on budget. If you're not in the market for buying a duplication system at this time but need to have a job completed, we are the duplication experts and will get the job done.
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