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Looking for DVD Copiers?
If your thinking about purchasing DVD copiers? You've come to the right place.

The differences between a CD copier and DVD copier are not to far apart.

Differences between the two types of systems:
The differences between a DVD Copier and a CD Copier are:

A DVD Copier can also duplicate CDs, although at a reduced burn speed as opposed to if you purchased just CD Copiers.

DVD Copiers do cost a little bit more money.

Other things to think about
As with any purchase, there are also other unmeasured costs to be considered:

Will I be able to get Technical Support in a year?
With our one year warranty and the fact that we have been in business over 14 years, you can rest assured we will be here to support our product.

How long as the company been around?
Mediatechnics has been around since 1988!

Can I expand my DVD copier and have it grow with my business?

What is the Warranty on the Product?
All our systems come with a 1 year warranty

Can I extend the warranty?

Featured Products:

dvd duplicators

The Pact 440 is a standalone or Networkable desktop system with a small footprint. This is one of our most popular DVD Duplicators.

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The Pact 240 has the same reliable features as any of our DVD Duplicators yet comes in a smaller 2 drive system layout and is made for CDs.

Check out all our CD Copiers

Our DVD Copiers have become know in the industry for being powerhouse duplicators at
very affordable prices. If your looking at DVD Copiers for your business, look over our systems
and see how we can help you.

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