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2. Lift the bracket out of the way and then, using two of the four screws just removed, fasten down column top cap  

2.8 - Input and Output
The Fusion has three bins and one output spindle. These bins and spindle serve as the containers to store the blank and recorded discs. The two front most bins, or BIN 1 and BIN 2 (see page 5 for a diagram), serve as both input and output while the back, or BIN 3, is for input only. The mounted spindle to the left of the front most bin, is for the output of recorded discs only.

At the start of operation, the Fusion will draw its blanks discs from BIN 1 and output the completed product to the Output Spindle. When BIN 1 becomes empty, the Fusion will automatically switch to BIN 2 for additional blank discs ant use BIN 1 for output. Similarly, when BIN 2 runs empty, the Fusion will switch to BIN 3 for blank discs and output completed product to BIN2.

Fill the BINS with as many discs as needed. When BIN 1 empties, BIN 2 will be used for input. Completed discs will then be placed in the now empty BIN 1. Similarly, when BIN 2 empties, the Fusion will draw its blank discs from BIN 3. Output in turn will also move to BIN 2.




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