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• Once the proper voltage setting has been confirmed, it is time to turn on the unit. The Fusion has both a master power switch and a normal power switch, or secondary (see page Error! Bookmark not defined. for a diagram of switch location). Typically, you will leave the master power switch in the “on” or “1” position and turn the unit on and off during normal daily operation using only the normal power switch. You should always turn the master power switch off when servicing the unit. Locate the Master Power Switch, and then set it to the ON or “1” position.
The screen will now read:
After the startup screen displays the loader will calibrate and a series of self-diagnostics will be performed. The screen will now read in sequence:
Note: Your Fusion has shipped set to the maximum setting of the drives installed.  
DVD-R Systems: Before setting the unit to its maximum record speed, verify that the DVD-R media you will be using is certified to the maximum speed of the drive.

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