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Shuttle Plex Media Analyzer Manual Pg 4

Product Design

Many analyzers are designed to compare the performance of an optical disc to an industry standard. Although it is initially calibrated, this instrument is not designed for calibration or reference to a calibration standard. It is, instead, designed to measure the optical disc “Playability” or relative performance in a market standard Drive. The ShuttlePlex Analyzer is a PC based system with a strong system software and drive firmware component. This system design allows for the creation of an attractively priced product with tremendous cross platform capabilities. The software focus and component choices provide a strong path for product upgrade. Many analyzer products use highly customized drives with components that support a high degree of standardized disc quality but they may not always characterize a discs response to a drive used in the consumer marketplace. The ShuttlePlex is not focused by design to be regularly calibrated to a Philips reference standard and it is not intended hold a variable or multi-point calibration. This analyzer utilizes consumer drive components that are common among disc drive manufacturers, providing the user with a strong relative sense of disc quality and disc product playability.

The instrument is PC based and utilizes the MSWindows XP operating system. The system and software allows the user to setup the instrument for many possible uses and for the investigation of many common product environments.


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