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Shuttle Plex Media Analyzer Manual Pg 5


The ShuttlePlex was designed using components from the Shuttle Computer Company of Taiwan and Shinano Kenshi of Japan. The Shuttle computer is a SFF (small form factor) box with USB and Firewire connections on the front and rear. The front panel has two USB connections, one Firewire (1394) connection, an SPDIF- out connector, an audio out connection and a Mic connection. Firewire, USB and specialized audio and video connectors can also be found on the back of the unit.

The drive is a slightly modified CD/DVD writer with a highly customized firmware load. Adjustments are made to facilitate initial calibrations and the reading of discs that have low reflectivity. A small electronic circuit may have been added to your drive to allow for future expansion of an external analog measurement feature. The drive is adjusted for an acceptable CD Digital Error response using the Philips SBC 444A Playability test CD. The drive should be tested from time to time to make sure that the Error Levels are consistent. A test CD or DVD should be created and kept in proximity of the analyzer to test for response consistency. This response can (and will) change over the life of the drive so a regular test routine should be adopted and the response logged.


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