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Release Notes and Feature Set for Version 1.0

Current Feature Listing as of -01/01/2005-

- CD Digital Error Response including E11-E22 Error, Uncorrectable Error, Unrecoverable and Recoverable ECC Error. Error Rates Presented in 1sec Max/Average, 10 second Max/Average, Running Standard Deviation, Running Error Totals and Max Value A-time positions
- DVD Digital Error Response including; PI Error, PI 8sum Error, PI Error bytes, PI Failure & PO Failure. Error Rates presented in 1 sec Max/Average values and 8 ECC Sum format
- Extended investigation of Sector Based error recovery with Logical ECC response.
- Adjustable Drive Retry characteristics (external programming of Retries)
- Single Step Mode with None-Abort sequencing ~ allowing for investigation of physically damaged media.
- CD Test Speeds of 4X CLV, 8X CLV & 10-24X CAV
- DVD Test Speeds of 2X CLV, 8X CAV & 5-12X CAV
- Multi-session disc analysis support (OPEN or CLOSED Sessions)
- Raw and Decoded TOC function for Single and Multiple Sessions
- Raw PMA area decoded for CD recordable discs
- Raw ADIP analysis for DVD recordable discs
- Analysis of OPEN CD recordable discs
- Physical Radius calculations for flaw locations (requires some mastering setup knowledge)
- Full Graphical Presentations with a Physical Measurement Axis and data transfer rate
- Interactive/Automated export, print, disc ejection and file saving functions.
- Batch file summary function with configurable field outputs (record files)
- Fully Network capable (automated and manual) export function of all raw data for project work
- Raw file export may be exported in *.csv format.
- Screen capture (to XP clipboard)
- Screen print and screen print summary functions.
- Disc Logic summaries for written, partially written and blank CD media.
- Title and file field programming language for automated export and data storage
- Auto-run and automated options setup
- Pass/Fail and Disc Grading options with adjustable grading setup parameters. The Grading functions also include a current grade and a running final grade view.

Many features are on the list and “in the works” for product expansion. Of course we must “pay the bills” but we love to hear from our customers about their work, their working environment and how we can provide features to help them make our analysis products effective. Please drop us a note with your requests and we will work hard to get it on our list.


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