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Orange Book (CD-ROM)

The Standard for CD-R duplicating (write-once) media.
Allowed computer data to be appended to CD-R media.
The Orange Book standard is the format that enables CD-R drives to record discs that regular CD-ROM drives and Audio CD players can read. Though the Orange Book specification allows a CD-R disc to be recorded in more than one session, It is not recommended that a "multi-session" disc be used as a master for "pressed CD's, Rather "Disc-at-Once," or a "single volume" disc be used. Depending on the recording method, a "mixed-mode disc" can be created to contain Yellow Book or Red Book sessions, in any order. It is possible to create a disc that places an audio track in the first track of the disc, where it can be played by Audio CD players, and CD-ROM data in the second track of the disc, where it can only be read by CD-ROM drives in computers.

Eventually "stamped multisession" discs were given their own specification and are referred to as either Blue Book or CD Plus.

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