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The Duplication process can be confusing if it is your first project. How to know whether to replicate or duplicate and even the knowing the difference between the two can cause you headaches.

Mediatechnics is in the business of helping you the customer get your job completed on time, on budget and in the most efficient manner as possible. For that reason we have created this area to help you understand the process and make informed decisions about your project.

Every project is unique and given the different variables involved be it quantity, time constraints, packaging, etc.. will influence the decision to duplicate or replicate.

In the sections on the left, we go into detail about the differences between the two and offer some scenarios of when you might use one over the other.

girlIf you would like to know the difference between a burned dics or a replicated disc, check out these two sections: Duplication and Replication

If your interested in the different types of Media, try this area: Media Types

Need to know what type of packaging is available for your project, then take a look at this section: Packaging

Want to burn your discs and need to find the right equipment to do it, then browse this area: CD and DVD Duplication Equipment

Take some time and browse through all the areas on the left to help you get a better understanding of the CD and DVD industry.