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How a CD or DVD is Silkscreened?

Silk-screen CD or DVD presses have indentations in a round table top for the discs to be set into. The tables are part of a very expensive robotic system and are usually loaded from a spindle full of discs by a robotic arm. Robotic arms operate the actual "screens" , and lower each disc onto the table as it rotate into position.


The pre-determined color of Ink is applied by an automated controlled dispenser . A robotic squeegee then spreads the ink across the screen which in turn transfers it to the disc. After each color is applied, the automated table rotates to the next position (actually, they frequently skip one position to allow some air-drying between coats, so you can have two "sets" of discs being labeled at once.) Each position on the system has a different color and different screen.

The ink is applied in a exact measured amount so that there is no dripping or bleeding. The inks are specially formulated for silkscreening to lacquered CD or DVD surface,

There are stations on the table with UV lamps for curing the ink before they are removed from the press by a robotic arm and stacked on an output spindle for spindle bundling or packing.

Silk-screening allows for a CD or DVD that has a store bought look and can actually accomplish prints that can not be done with Ink Jet or Thermal printing. For example, the inside depressed ring can be filled with ink to give the finished product a completely flat surface. Silkscreening allows for a much more complicated print layout onto the surface of the disc.

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