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DVD Production Facts

DVD Production can be a confusing process for those who are not in the industry. If you have ever wondered how CDs or DVD's are made, what is replication as opposed to duplication, what is silkscreen or other CD or DVD related questions, then this page will help you.

This area is intended to help answer any questions that a person might have about CD or DVD production, how media is made or about how a duplication system actually works or other interesting facts that are related to the CD or DVD production industry.

There are many different facets to CD or DVD production techniques. In some cases, having your project replicated is more efficient than duplication and in others duplication is the way to go. Every project is different and the process used will be different depending on the factors and criteria involved with each individual project.

As this an ongoing project, please check back now an then to see what new information we have added.

1. History of a CD 9. Replication or Duplication?
2. How a CD Duplicator works. 10. Glass Mastering Process for Replication
3. How DVD's and DVD players work. 11. How a CD or DVD is Silkscreened


How a blank DVD is produced. 12. How Thermal Transfer Printing Works
5. How a blank CD is produced. 13. How Ink Jet Printers Work
6. CD Audio 14. DVD Disc Layouts and Capacities
7. CD Standards    
8. Inside a CD Duplicator Autoloader    

If your looking to have your project replicated of duplicated, you can check the most cost effective method by using our online calculators.

The CD DVD production industry is always striving to keep up with technology.

With advancements in equipment and techniques, keep checking back here to see what the latest CD DVD production industry buzz is!

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