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Laser Marking / Laser Engraving of Metal, Wood, Plastic, USB

The practice of laser engraving or marking does not involve the use of inks and also does not use tips that actually touch the surface of the material being marked. It is all done entirely with the use of a high powered laser.

Laser marking works by shooting a high powered laser to the target surface. It then burns the image you are duplicating into the substrate of the material leaving you clean, detailed results.

Because it is a laser, you can focus in on tiny details and come out with fine details on the decorated item.

Since the machines that are used for laser engraving and marking are the same, engraving and marking terms when referring to a laser are interchangeable.

A laser engraver consists of a laser, controller and a surface. The beam from the laser is emitted to the surface and the controller determines the pattern that is being engraved.

Not all laser engraving machines can engrave the same surfaces. There are 3 main types of machines that are used for the different axis points that the target material needs to move on in order for the laser to make contact with the surface.

The many different types of materials that can be engraved include natural materials such as hard or soft wood, certain latex compounds, plastics and acrylics, metals and coated metals, stone, glass, fine art, jewelry as well as many other types of surfaces.

If you’re not sure if your component can be engraved, give us a call and we will determine whether or not it is a candidate, then provide you with a competitive quote to do the job. We have a reputation for

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Laser Marking Industries:

Automotive • Defense • Aerospace • Industrial • Manufacturing • Electronics
Medical • Promotional • Identification

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